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Writing the Book - Hope Is a Butterfly, If You Don't Squish the Caterpillar

In this chat, Cristal Lynn Cook, Jasleni Brito, and Peige Rosales talk about how the story "Hope Is a Butterfly, If You Don't Squish the Caterpillar" came to be written, what editing advice brought about the greatest improvements, and what the story means for them.

A Chat with Content Editor Peige Rosales


Hope the caterpillar goes into her chrysalis - but change can be very scary - and her friend Gracie wants to help her escape! Join these lovable characters as they learn about friendship, hardship, unconditional love, Second Chances, and what it truly means to help a friend in need. Hope Is a Butterfly, If You Don't Squish the Caterpillar is the first in the Crystalline Vibes™ children's book series that help children and the adults who care about them learn simple strategies to navigate a complex world.


Cristal Lynn Cook, LCSW grew up in Mancos, Colorado, population 1,000. At a young age, Cristal had a passion for rescuing animals and creating adventures. Her journey to grown-up-hood took a meandering path that involved several careers, from C.P.A. to F.B.I. agent, and ultimately, to her finding her true calling as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). For the past 20 years she has found it incredibly rewarding to work with children, adolescents, and families as a therapist and advocate. Her adventurous spirit is satisfied as she travels internationally doing what she loves: helping teens and families, rescuing animals, and exploring the world. The real-life Charlie and Gracie are “rescue animals,” but when looking at her own life, Cristal often asks herself… “Really, who is rescuing whom?” To learn more about Cristal and what she is doing now, check out her website at


Whether coaching parents, training early childhood educators, teaching young children, facilitating yoga classes or supporting people in personal or professional growth and change, Peige Rosales is all about connection, compassion and collaboration. After 15 years working in schools and nonprofit organizations in Texas, Peige moved overseas to teach in Germany, the Republic of Korea, and Italy. These days, Peige is starting a new chapter by offering her knowledge, guidance and wisdom to individuals and groups, in-person and online. If you're interested in joining her in her new adventures, you can reach her at



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