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Psychological Personality Assessment NEO-PI-3

The NEO personality assessment, considered the gold standard in personality assessments, can be a game changer for you, your family, and your business!
Coaches and mental health therapists, want a fast track to better understand your clients? Individuals, do you want to understand yourself better. The NEO is a fabulous tool. Click Here for more info.

NEO for Individuals

Why is NEO Helpful for Me? The more you know about yourself and what makes you tick, the better able you are to leverage your strengths to achieve your goals and learn strategies to compensate for your challenges so that you can KNOCK DOWN those (often unknown) self-imposed barriers! 


NEO for Coaches and Therapists

Want a tool that could:

  • Save you weeks, even months, learning about your clients’ very specific personality traits that can help you, help them? 

  • Gain knowledge about how to leverage your clients’ strengths?

  • Clearly identify areas of struggle to better strategize and help your clients KNOCK DOWN those (often unknown) self-imposed barriers?

  •  Exponentially improve your and your clients’ ability to reach their goals?


I can help you with that! I am certified in the administration and interpretation of the NEO! This tool is a game changer - for both you and your clients!

NEO for Employers

Every leader knows that having the right team makes all the difference in the success of your business! Hiring, training and investing in the wrong team members is not only costly and time consuming, it can also be devastating to your business.


Using the NEO, I can help you:

  • AVOID hiring the wrong person for the job  

  • Ensure you are hiring the RIGHT person for the job 

  • Obtain insight that you would NEVER have gotten from a job interview alone 

  • Increase team COHESIVENESS


I am certified in the administration and interpretation of the NEO! This tool is a game changer for business leaders in maximizing their team’s ability for success!

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