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NEO-PI-3 Psychological Personality Assessment for Coaches - Life, Transitional, Executive and Leadership

Are you curious about the NEO?


Want a tool that could:

  • Save you weeks, even months, learning about your clients’ very specific personality traits that can help you, help them? 

  • Gain knowledge about how to leverage your clients’ strengths?

  • Clearly identify areas of struggle to better strategize and help your clients KNOCK DOWN those (often unknown) self-imposed barriers?

  •  Exponentially improve your and your clients’ ability to reach their goals?

I can help you with that! I am certified in the administration and interpretation of the NEO! This tool is a game changer - for both you and your clients! What is the NEO? You ask… click here to learn more.

How Does This Work?

  1. You, your client, and I schedule an initial 30 minute consultation where you explain your client’s coaching goals. This will guide me in how to customize the interpretation of the assessment to best meet your needs.

  2. Your client takes the 40-45 minute online NEO assessment at their convenience and comfort.  

  3. Once I obtain the results, I create and provide you with a customized report for both of you to keep for future reference.

  4. We schedule our 2-hour consultation session where I thoroughly explain the results of the NEO and how you can apply it to the work with your client. This includes examples and suggestions on how to fully leverage your client’s strengths, and strategies to compensate in areas where your client may struggle to better help you and your client meet your coaching goals. 

  5. We schedule an optional follow-up consultation for you, or you and your client, to discuss your experiences and insights since the NEO interpretation and address any remaining questions.

I guarantee that you and your clients will experience some AHA moments and a new level of understanding and appreciation for those qualities making someone uniquely themselves. Using those traits and characteristics to the highest potential will be a game-changer! This knowledge has the potential to create significant momentum in the work you are doing with your clients.

Image by Sian Cooper

Gain more insight to better support your clients!

To get started, please email me at or Contact Me here.

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