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Storyteller Adventure-Seeker Animal-Lover Playful Passionate Curious Fierce Protector of All That Is Vulnerable

WHY I am here. HOW we can work together to accomplish our goals.

WHY: My vision is to raise the vibration of the planet, one person at a time.  But, what does that mean?  Have you ever walked into a room following a heated argument?  You could feel the heaviness in the air and could metaphorically “cut the tension with a knife.”   Or have you ever met someone in an obviously bad mood and, without exchanging words, you could feel the negativity seething from them? You possibly thought, “Wow, that person has a bad vibe!”  Or maybe you’ve met someone you instantly felt good around.  You may have thought, “What a ray of sunshine!” Vibe is short for “vibration,” and I refer to those experiences as high- or low-vibrational experiences. When you encounter others with high vibrations, doesn’t it make you feel better? We can all be that person about whom others remark, “Wow, he/she/they have a great vibe!”  By feeling joy, gratitude, and positive emotions, our vibration is instantly higher.  

HOW: Through individual positive transformation, each of us can live our best life.  When we begin each day from a place of joy, fulfillment, and gratitude, regardless of our personal hardships, we have a positive impact on every single person we encounter. Starting each day with a high frequency of positive feelings isn’t always easy, but it can be simplified.  That is what I am here to do . . . provide you with simple strategies to navigate a complex world so that you can live your best life. In doing so, you will raise your vibration and positively impact everyone around you. While I cannot guarantee that your transformation will be painless, I do guarantee that it WILL be worth it. Your time to emerge as a butterfly is here. Let’s begin! 

HOW for children: The Crystalline Vibes™ book series for children provides a playful and fun way to teach children kindness, compassion, non-judgement, friendship skills, empowerment, courage, responsibility, how to manage difficult emotions, gratitude, mindfulness, unconditional love and how to navigate the complexities of life such as grief and loss, divorce, and difficult home lives.  When children learn these positive skills, they radiate a high vibration and become role models for their peers.

Reading with children is so beneficial: it increases brain function, improves memory, fosters concentration, and improves social and emotional skills. I am very excited for my Crystalline Vibes™ books to be a regular part of this special reading time you spend with the children you care about. 


What does raising individual vibes have to do with raising the planetary vibration?  Well, each of us has a ripple effect on everything around us.  To learn more about the impact our of thoughts, see my blog discussing research on this topic.

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A little about me

My vision is to do my part to raise the vibration of the planet, one person at a time, to ultimately launch a butterfly effect: “A butterfly can flutter its wings over a flower in China and cause a hurricane in the Caribbean”. * The flutter of a butterfly’s wings is not forceful or commanding, yet that gentle movement can be inspiring, with the power of exponential effects. My own “gentle flutter” includes speaking engagements, workshops, mental health therapy services, and my Crystalline Vibes™ children’s book series, using playful storytelling through the eyes of beloved animal characters to teach children how to be happier and healthier.

​I grew up in a small Colorado mountain town and spent my childhood having wildly fun adventures - outdoors and between the pages of a book, working in my parents’ hardware store (parent trickery at its finest… picture the fence painting scene in the classic, Tom Sawyer, you get the idea), running my own detective agency - graciously sanctioned by the Town Marshall, and hanging on every word of my grandmother’s artfully crafted stories. 

 My journey to grown-up-hood took a meandering path.  Early on, my parents understood that I would need a lot of encouragement and persuasion to pursue a safe, stable, and secure career. More of that good, old-fashioned parental encouragement led me to earn a BA in Accounting and I became a CPA. Yearning for more adventure and excitement, I returned to my childhood law-enforcement roots and became a Special Agent for the FBI, and a new path was forged.

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​Adventure, intrigue, mystery, and sometimes even danger (along with a lot of paperwork and bureaucracy) was part of my FBI life, but something was missing – true purpose.  And so, I pondered...  is it possible to be part of the solution, to influence that one moment, that one decision that determines the course of someone’s life? Scoffing at the advice of . . . well, everyone, I turned in my FBI Special Agent’s badge and gun to pursue a master’s degree in Social Work.

It may seem disconnected, but I remained that same curious person, helping others, and seeking adventure. I fed my passions traveling the world and providing mental health services to U.S. military families and even dabbled in travel writing. This mixed bag of professional experiences has inspired me to travel yet another path: writing and speaking. These days, I’m sharing my love of literature, wellness, and storytelling, providing keynotes and workshops, and publishing my very own children's book series.

I have created the Crystalline Vibes™ book series to offer children and the grown-ups who care about them “simple strategies to navigate a complex world.” These books feature my own furry family of adopted animals who teach each other--and their humans--valuable life lessons. The real-life Charlie, Gracie and Princess Penelope are “rescue animals,” but when I look at my own life, I ask myself… “Really, who is rescuing who?”

Which brings me here to you.....

Let's do it, let's raise the vibration of the planet one person at at time!

​*This concept was first introduced by Scientist Edward Lorenz, and is beautifully described in the movie Havana, the 1990 film written by Judith Rasco and David Rayfiel, and directed by Sydney Pollack.

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