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Books 2 & 3 of the Crystalline Vibes™ Children's Book Series are now available!

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Introducing the 

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Children's Book Series

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Hope the caterpillar goes into her chrysalis - but change can be very scary - and her friend Gracie wants to help her escape!

Join these lovable characters as they learn about friendship, hardship, unconditional love, Second Chances, and what it truly means to help a friend in need.


Hope Is a Butterfly, If You Don't Squish the Caterpillar is the first in the Crystalline Vibes™ children's book series that help children and the adults who care about them learn simple strategies to navigate a complex world.

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Hope Is a Butterfly, If You Don't Squish the Caterpillar

I ordered several books and was thrilled when they arrived! The quality of the materials and the beautiful artwork really testify to the intention of creating a multi-sensory experience that adds to the stimulating content of the story.

When my 3 year-old grandson received “Hope is a Butterfly…”, his mother read the story that night at bedtime and SIX times the next day! While riding in the car he enjoys talking about the vocabulary and ideas presented in the book. He will say things like, “What does unconditional mean? It means ‘no matter what.’”  This wonderful story will influence the way he moves through the world for the rest of his life. I believe that if all children (and adults) would read this book, there could be a positive shift in our world. Thank you, Cristal, for this lovely story.

- Tambra Tiffany

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