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NEO-PI-3 Psychological Personality Assessment

Interpretation & Consultation For Individuals


Why is NEO Helpful for Me?

The more you know about yourself and what makes you tick, the better able you are to leverage your strengths to achieve your goals and learn strategies to compensate for your challenges so that you can KNOCK DOWN those (often unknown) self-imposed barriers! To learn more about this amazing tool considered the gold standard in personality assessments, click here.

 How Does This Work?

  1. You have said YES to yourself! We step into a 30 minute initial consultation to set intentions and expectations surrounding what you wish to get out of the NEO.

    • Think of the NEO as a modern-day tarot reading, less WOO WOO more science…

    • Your intention for the use of this information will guide me in customizing the interpretation for you.

    • For example: searching for a new career path, improving personal and/or professional relationships, strategies to better serve your clients, understanding yourself more in general, etc… 

  2. You take the 40-45 minute online NEO assessment at your convenience and comfort.  

  3. Once I obtain your results, I create a customized report for you to keep for future reference.

  4. We schedule our 2-hour consultation session where I thoroughly explain the results of your NEO, how you can apply it to your life, and address any and all of your questions. 

  5. We schedule our follow-up consultation to discuss your experiences and insights since the NEO interpretation and address any remaining questions.


I guarantee that you will experience some AHA moments and a new level of understanding and appreciation for those qualities that make you, uniquely you. Your ability to use this new found knowledge of your personality traits to your highest potential will be a game-changer!

Still on the Fence?

I invite you to ask yourself:

  • When was the last time I did something nice for myself? 

  • When was the last time I invested in ME and felt that I was worth investing in?

  • How important is my growth to me? 

  • How committed am I to understanding, embracing, and loving myself?


The information and growth you obtain will unlock insights and truths about yourself that will serve you in unexpected and exciting ways!!

Image by Amy Baugess

Ready to discover more about yourself?

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