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NEO-PI-3 Psychological Personality Assessment for Employers

Every leader knows that having the right team makes all the difference in the success of your business! Hiring, training and investing in the wrong team members is not only costly and time consuming, it can also be devastating to your business.

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Using the NEO, I can help you:

  • AVOID hiring the wrong person for the job.  

  • Ensure you are hiring the RIGHT person for the job.

  • Obtain insight that you would NEVER have gotten from a job interview alone. 

  • Increase team COHESIVENESS.


I am certified in the administration and interpretation of the NEO! This tool is a game changer for business leaders in maximizing their team’s ability for success! What is the NEO? You ask… click here to learn more.

How Does This Work?

  1. We schedule an initial 30 minute consultation where you describe the qualities and characteristics you need for the position you are hiring. Certain jobs are better suited for certain personality characteristics and we determine what best suits your needs. 

  2. Your potential hire takes the 40-45 minute online NEO assessment at their convenience and comfort.

  3. Once I obtain the results, I create a customized report, one for you and one for your potential hire. 

  4. We schedule our 90 minute consultation session where I thoroughly explain the results of the potential hire’s NEO and how the traits and characteristics of this individual may, or may not, serve your team.

I guarantee that when you have the ability to assess and determine whether each person you hire has the qualities your organization needs, you will create an amazing team! Avoiding hiring someone that isn’t a good fit will save you time, money, energy, stress, and frustration.

Want help creating a more cohesive team? I can provide a workshop for your entire team.

How Does a Team Building Workshop Work?

  1. We have an initial consultation where you describe your team - how many on the team, the challenges, the goals, and your business overall vision/mission.

  2. Each person takes the 40 to 45 minute online NEO assessment.

  3. I prepare reports and an interpretation for each person. 

  4. I  meet both individually and as a group to provide a thorough explanation of the NEO results.

As the team learns more about each other and gains knowledge of how they can leverage each other’s strengths, the synergistic power of your team will create magic. The awareness of each other’s personality characteristics and traits also aid in better understanding the whys and hows of behavior and allows greater acceptance of each other.

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Discover more about what makes you YOU

Want to learn more about this amazing tool? Please email me at or Contact Me here.

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