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NEO-PI-3 Personality Assessment -What, Why, Who, and How

What is the NEO and why is it useful?

The more you know about yourself and what makes you tick, the better able you are to leverage your strengths to achieve your goals and learn strategies to compensate for your challenges so that you can KNOCK DOWN those (often unknown) self-imposed barriers!

A tool to explore this deeper self-knowing is the NEO-PI-3 psychological personality assessment, which is considered the gold standard in personality assessments. In over 20 years of experience, I have found that the NEO assessment is one of the best tools utilized in mental health treatment, as well as personal growth and development - whether you are focused on individual goals or improving family and other personal relationships.

The NEO is a well-established, respected, researched, and evidenced-based assessment tool that one must be trained, qualified, and certified to administer and interpret. The NEO assesses an individual’s preferences and behavioral style which is divided into five main personality characteristics, known as “The Big Five”:

  1. Extraversion

  2. Agreeableness

  3. Openness

  4. Conscientiousness

  5. Emotional Reactivity

Each of the five characteristics contain six facets of behavior. Following decades of psychology research, there is strong evidence to suggest that these five areas of personality characteristics are the most reliable and accurate way of describing personality and individual differences across generations and geographies.

Are you able to contemplate the rich level of information this assessment is able to provide?

Who is using the NEO?

The NEO is a POWERFUL tool used by:

  1. Individuals wishing to learn about themselves in order to reach their highest potential

  2. Business leaders

    1. Hiring the right person for the job

    2. Improving team cohesiveness

    3. Choosing the best-fit clients

  3. Executive, Transitional, Leadership and Life Coaches

  4. Mental Health Clinicians

  5. Families

How Does This Work?
  1. We step into a 30 minute initial consultation to set intentions and expectations surrounding what you wish to get out of the NEO. This will differ depending upon whether you are an individual, business, coach, or family. Your intention for the use of this information will guide me in how to customize the interpretation for you.

  2. You, your client, or employee take the 40-45 minute online NEO assessment at one’s convenience and comfort.

  3. Once I obtain the results, I create a customized report which you will receive and keep for future reference.

  4. We schedule our 2-hour consultation session where I thoroughly explain the results of the NEO, how it can be applied, and address any and all of your questions.

  5. If you are looking for a team building workshop or family coaching, we meet individually and as a group to share insights.

  6. We schedule our follow-up consultation to discuss your experiences and insights since the NEO interpretation and address any remaining questions.

For individuals, I guarantee that you will experience some AHA moments and a new level of understanding and appreciation for those qualities that make you, uniquely you. Your ability to use this new found knowledge of your personality traits to your highest potential will be a game-changer!

For teams, groups and families: As everyone learns more about each other and gains knowledge of how they can leverage each other’s strengths, the synergistic power of your team, group, or family will create magic. The awareness of each other’s personality characteristics and traits also aid in better understanding the whys and hows of behavior and allows for greater acceptance of each other.

Want to learn more about this amazing tool? Contact me here or email me at for more information.



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