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Goal Setting & Goal Getting Group

This is a six week container group. We will meet once a week for one hour and 15 minutes (via zoom) for four weeks. The fifth week will be solely for you to implement your new skills with no meeting. The sixth week will be our last meeting and will last approximately two hours. 


You will have unlimited access to me via Voxer voice messaging for consultation between sessions.

Early Sign-up is $333 (Sign up by Feb. 12, 2023)

Regular Price is $500



Let's make it happen!


We will clearly define your goal. 

  • What is your Why or Personal Vision Statement? - Book recommendations: Simon Sinek’s Find Your Why  and Start With Why.

  • Your Why, or Personal Vision Statement, will drive how we define your goal and influence all of your action steps.

  • What will it LOOK and FEEL like when you have reached your goal?



Identify and adjust your self-limiting beliefs.

  • List all of the self-limiting beliefs and negative self-talk that creates doubt and holds you back.

  • Identify the origin of these beliefs.

  • These include any money blocks you have. Book recommendations: Any book by the Money Mindset Coach, Denise Duffield Thomas (I’ve read them all and LOVE them)

  • I’ll provide you with strategies to challenge the validity of these beliefs.

  • I will assist you in shifting your perspective so that some of these beliefs can be viewed as strengths, rather than deficits.



Identify any, and all, hidden benefits to not reaching your goal.

  • What will you need to give up (time, security, invisibility, etc.) in order to reach your goal?

  • In light of what you will be giving up, what extra support will you need in pursuing your goal? 

  • At this time in your life, will the benefits of achieving your goal outweigh what you will lose?



Create action steps for your goal.

  • These will be driven by your Why/Personal Vision Statement - your true north.

  • Set time limits for each of these steps.



Implement all of the strategies and begin working on your action steps. Do at least one thing toward your goal every day.



Our last meeting together. We will discuss everyone’s progress and areas of challenge. We will strategize areas that need more work and pivot where necessary. I will address any and all of your questions and concerns.


I will provide additional book recommendations so that you have continued support along your journey.

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Interested in private coaching instead?

My Transformational Coaching may be just what you are looking for! If the Goal Getting Group is not quite the right fit, let's explore working together one-on-one.

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