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Includes Paperback Book, Sticker & Bookmark


Life can be scary, but, for Gracie, it feels likedanger is lurking around every corner. Is she trulyin danger, or is it simply her view of the world?Join these lovable characters as they learn about thetwo types of fear - fear meant to protect us fromdanger and fear that signals an opportunity forpositive growth and change. Learn along with thesebrave friends how to tell the difference, and what todo when you find yourself in F.E.A.R..


Brave Heart Gracie & The Vacuum Monster is the second book in the Crystalline Vibes™ children's book series that help children and the adults who care about them learn simple strategies to navigate a complex world.

Braveheart Gracie & The Vacuum Monster (Paperback)

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    "Cristal’s delightful stories take the reader on a journey with endearing and relatable characters imparting valuable life lessons and skills along the way." —#1 New York Times bestselling author Richard Paul Evans


    Cristal weaves an enchanting story of friendship, growth and unconditional love that sparks deep conversations. Children, parents and teachers will return to this book again and again. —Peige Rosales, Early Childhood Educator & Coach

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